I can hear the veggies grow…

We are so amazed at the growth of the hydroponics.  One week ago, six towers stood like poised soldiers.  As the afternoon rolled along, so did the planting of several varieties of homegrown peppers and eggplants. 

We could not fathom the healthy result of this remarkable system.  It is simply thrilling to share the bounty of the garden thus far with family and friends.  As we had “hand-fed” the three towers we initially started with, copious amounts of Italian Parsley that are starting to look like trees, luscious and full basil, Miz Wilson’s onions reaching for the sun, and culantro leaves that are the size of my middle finger.  ‘Tiz amazing!

Sugar snap peas rarely make it into the cottage, as we eat them right in the cottage garden.  Ask our eldest granddaughter, Miz Patience, she does NOT like to share them!  🙂

Wish you were here!!!  God Bless you all BIG!!

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One who moves too hurriedly misses the way…

Proverbs…19:2 Whew~Busy mornin’ with our wonderful grandgirlz whom we call the Dixie Chix~ Simple breakfast of homemade buttermilk pancakes and apple juice.  Wash up and get dressed for church/Sunday school.  Enjoyed my first mornin’ of helping Miz Carol, our Altar … Continue reading

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The blessing of the Lord makes one rich…

…and so Tindel Den Cottage Garden grows…

Today, Papa Bear and I will construct our new hydroponic towers~Rich in family, friends, and growing veggies/herbs/fruits~I think I can hear the Frigitello peppers growing~:)

I had been praying for a “farm”.  As I was raised on a 73-acre dairy farm, I could not fathom the means to “buy” one now.  By the generousity of a dear neighbor, Mr. Jeff, he gently offers his piece of ground for me to play in the gardens.  AND how they grow!!

Papa Bear has gracefully allowed this almost 60 year old grandma to still have dreams.  He encourages me to reach for the stars.  How rich is this woman? 

Now, off to do some watering of the gardens, and to thank the Lord for such an awesome life~I can hear those peppers growing!!!  🙂

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This is the Day the Lord has made…

Today, Papa Bear and I are traveling to Ruskin, Florida to purchase our “farm”.

We are adding additional hydroponic towers to our existing three towers. So excited!!!!!

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Welcome to Tindel Den Cottage


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